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New Trade Agreements

The escalating trade war with China is monopolizing the U.S. news. Brexit is the biggest story in Europe. The protectionist trade agenda is on display everywhere there are still discussions about new trade agreements taking place.

First, the U.S. and British financial service industries have meet with their respective legislators to layout their list of demands for a future free trade agreement. Other selectors could follow suit as then Brexit date (March 29, 2019) rapidly approaches.

Second, U.S and Indian officials met last week at the "2+2" dialogue in New Delhi. The two governments issued a joint statement saying that both side are "committed to further expanding and balancing the trade and economic partnership ... including by facilitating trade, improving market access, and addressing issues of interest.” The officials, it added, “welcomed the ongoing exchanges between the Ministry of Commerce of India and the Office of the United States Trade Representative” while hoping for “mutually acceptable outcomes.”

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