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Michelle Klieger founded Stratagerm Consulting, in 2018, to develop and execute solutions to the challenges that companies, governments, and consumers face. Ms. Klieger combines her unique agricultural experience, education, and passion to tackle business challenges with strategic, market-based solutions.


Farmers, agricultural businesses, consumers, and governments make decisions that maximize their welfare. By understanding the drivers that influence these decisions, Ms. Klieger works with business leaders, non-profit organizations, philanthropic foundations, and governments to achieve the outcomes they want.



Stratagerm has strong relationships with other independent consultants and subject matter experts. This network ensures that Stratagerm provides clients with holistic solutions and insights. Previous partnerships include

  • food systems experts,

  • agro-ecologists,

  • food and agricultural sustainability experts,

  • federal policy experts,

  • economists,

  • horticulturalists, and

  • agronomists.


Stratagerm's research analysts, data scientists, communication specialists, and graphic designers support client work and deliverable development. 


The Stratagerm team has worked with clients from across the agricultural value chain and around the world who are passionate about understanding and advancing agriculture.

Walton Family Foundation,
  • Philanthropic strategy paper to advance crop diversification systems in Upper Mississippi River Basin

  • Philanthropic strategy paper to explore market opportunities for switching to lower water use agriculture in the Colorado River Basin


Simple Mills, Regenerative Ag Sourcing Strategy
Sustainable Food Lab, Sustainable reference price, and shared risk contract terms for corn and soy
OceanSpray, Cranberry Seed Market Analysis
Seed World Group,
  • Editorial Director of Seed World PRO

  • Seed World PRO Advisor Board Committee Member & Contributor

  • Director of Client Services

  • U.S. Organic Trade Data and Trends 2016-2020

  • Organic Sugar: Understanding Demand in the U.S. Organic Sugar Market

Ceres, Feeding Ourselves Thirsty Benchmarking
Economic Analysis for comments for the U.S. Food and Drug Agency's  Closer to Zero Action Plan 
Business of Agriculture Success Group, Provide peer group members with expert analysis & advice
Support, Subject matter expert & consultant in the Ag Exporting Countries Consulting firm, working in  Brazil, the United States, and China

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