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Lettuce Seed Facts

This year Indoor Ag-Con had new owners, a new venue, and a new feel. I liked the new schedule and the expo was busy on day 1.

There was an entire track dedicated to seeds including a panel that I moderated titled Seed Breeding for Indoor Ag. The panel was very well attended with outstanding questions from the audience. The 90 minute session flew by.

I was joined by:

  • Dr. Gene Giacomelli, Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, University of Arizona

  • Stacy Davis, Germains Seed Technology

  • Dr. Aaron Crawford,PhD, Global Produce Manager for Brassica and Leafy Crops, Bayer Crop Science

  • Kimberly Kuden, Senior Sales Manager Protected Culture North America, Sakata

In addition to seeds other key themes during the the conference were responsible adoption of new mechanization and automation as well as the importance of educating new farmers. Indoor farming technology will not replace agricultural education and horticulture experience. For more details read here.

Have questions about Indoor Ag-Con 2019 or the Seed Breeding Panel... email Michelle:

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