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My First Podcast Break

This week Peter and I have decided to take a break. It was Fourth of July week. We were visiting family and we'd been recording, planning, and promoting for weeks. It's weird to take a break. It's weird to stop running after you've been running for so long.

In someways, our podcast came out of now where. COVID happened. Peter and I started talking about supply chains. He said I always wanted to do a radio show and I said we can do that. He never expected me to propose a podcast. Even with his shock, he was ready with a name- The Grower and The Economist.

This break comes after 10 weeks of new episodes. We also wrote two articles during this time and hired a summer intern. We have so many exciting things coming up. Yet, I can't help but take this time to look back.

I knew when starting a business that random connections and conversations would lead me in unexpected directions. I've learned to embrace those conversations now and I think it's one of the best parts about being my own boss - I get to make time to talk to interesting people about things I care about.

Last summer, I signed up for an extension class at the University of New Hampshire. I was still struggling to understand vertical farming and I thought that practical information on how these farms work would help me. If I knew what growers think about, then I could sell my knowledge better.

I learned a lot. I've used very little of it. But, that week I met Peter. I visited his greenhouses a few weeks later and we talked about writing an article together. In the last year, he's offered me advice. We've shared amazing conversations. And he's provided a unique look into what growers are thinking about.

I never expected that 13 months later I would have a podcast and that each week I would learn almost as much as my listeners.

So thanks for listening. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful 4th!

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