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GROW Executive Summit Recap

Thank you to Greenhouse Grower and all sponsors for organizing such an engaging and intimate GROW Executive Summit. Growers from all sizes joined the conference to discuss challenges and exchange information. See who you missed here.

Here are our key takeaways:

  1. It’s all about people and putting talent first. Consider your job search as a career instead of a job.

  2. Set up your business to weather storms instead of reacting to the latest event.

  3. Ornamental growers can learn from cannabis or greenhouse vegetable operations vice versa.

  4. Small does not mean less innovative or less progressive.

  5. Knowledge sharing is key.

In this week’s The Grower & The Economist podcast episode, Janeen Wright and Brian Sparks of Meister Media Worldwide (MMW) fill us in on the considerations that go into planning a successful conference schedule. One consideration was to have everyone on the same track, no breakout sessions! This greatly enhanced connecting the dots across conversations and created a two-way communication between speakers and guests.

One particularly memorable session was with RJ Romano who pointed out,

“This isn't the first time we’ve had lockdowns or supply chain disruptions. It's not the first time the Suez Canal has been blocked, but they've never all happened together.”

This brought an awareness of vulnerability to growers. We can't emphasize enough learning to adapt in the unpredictable economy. Become recession resistant.

Listen to the full podcast and catch weekly episodes on all farming topics here.

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