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Four Pieces to a Seed Program

Stratagerm Seed Programs

When thinking about a seed program, Stratagerm breaks it down into four separate parts. Collectively these seed programs encompass all the ways your farm interacts and depends on seeds.

First we start with an analysis of your customers and your operation. Who are you selling to? What do they want? Then what will grow well in your operation. Is your operation indoors, without natural sunlight? What parts of your system are automated? What features are most important to you? Do you want a specific flavor or high head weight? Based on these answers, Stratagerm can start to make seed recommendations.

Once you determine what seeds you want you need to buy them and you need to plan ahead. It takes 15 months to produce lettuce seeds. So, if you want seeds now and they aren't in inventory it will take at least 15 months until they are available for purchase. We want to make sure you avoid these situations, so we help you communicate better with your seed vendors.

Seeds are living. To ensure the highest germination rates there are best management practices for storing the seeds. This is even more important in automated systems, because you do not want gaps in your trays were the seeds didn't germinate.

Finally, Stratagerm will help you evaluate different seeds in your system. This will help maximize your profitability over time.

We look forward to discussing your seed needs with you!

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