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Temperatures Drop, More Trials Scheduled

One of the coolest things about vertical and indoor farming is that it can happen anywhere, any time of year. That's why everyone is excited about it right? Indoor agriculture offers the promise of year round fresh lettuce, grown just miles from your house.

I grew up in Florida. Yes, we thought we had seasons. It was pleasant to chilly in the winter, warm in the spring and fall, and unbearable outside in the summer. Since it is warm year round, we had produce all the time. I guess I was spoiled.

Now I live in New England. It is already chilly and its only the first few days of September. There are tons of apples and corn growing nearby, but I can already tell that in a few weeks, the locally grown, fresh produce will decline. Let, in the last few weeks, I've been able to arrange for new seed trials with various growers, all because they are inside.

My business is not tied to the outside environment the way traditional farming is. For me and my customers, they can plant new lettuce varieties in September, October, or even January. The climate inside is fixed and does not change not matter what is happening outside.

I knew it seems obvious. I know that people get into indoor farming because they are not at the whim of Mother Nature. However, it really hit me in the face this week. I've got more seed trials starting in Fall than ever before, something that should not be possible.

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