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Same line items, just less zeroes

Rene Hauser returns as a three-time guest on The Grower and The Economist podcast. His reason for gardening may be different than a small and medium sized grower, but he faces the same challenges and successes! Homeowners to small growers to large operations are woven together in this week's episode.

Here are the main takeaways:

Ordering seeds from a catalog is dependable and extensive; however, local garden centers have the benefit of relationship building and information sharing.

Keeping records, logging rainfall patterns, and capturing pictures of poorly performing plants are all important in learning from challenges out of our control.

Peter reminds us how plant diagnosis used to occur by sending soil samples to University Extension testing labs. The saying goes,

"Test, don't guess!"

The digital transformation created efficiencies and streamlined growers ability to analyze plant pathology.

Inorganic fertilizer isn't going anywhere; it may just become more targeted and smarter. Rene compromises inorganic fertilizer indoors to germinate and extend lettuce seasons.

One point that hit home for all participants is the added benefit of teaching others a responsibility and a greater respect for growing food, whether it is inviting guests to water the garden or talking about the sweet potato variety.

Listen to the full podcast and catch weekly episodes on all farming topics here.

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