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Michelle Klieger in Your Pocket

I've been a podcast listener for years. Planet Money has always been a personal favorite. Recently, podcasts listeners exploded. Something like 12 million people listened to their first podcast last year. I considered starting a podcast, but always had an excuse for not starting.

Then a few weeks ago I teamed up with Peter Konjoian to write a Duets article for Greenhouse Product News (better known as GPN) magazine. When we were talking about our plant breeding article I let it slip that my real passion is agricultural economics.

When COVID-19 struct, Peter called to talk about the impact of closing the economy on small and medium-sized growers. After 30 minutes of talking, we outlined a new article for GPN magazine. You can read the final article in the May issue.

To promote the article, I reached out to Kyle from HortAmerica to find out about being guests on his podcast. That 30-minute interview quickly spiraled in The Grower & The Economist or #TheGate as we call it. Last week, we published our second episode and recorded two more!

This situation is evolving so quickly. Both the topics we want to cover and the guest experts we want to have on the show keeps growing!

We hope it helps. We both bring a unique perspective. As we say, "We are one-part grower, one-part economists - just like your business".

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