The Fundamentals of Seed Workshops

The Fundamentals of Seed is a one-of-a-kind live workshop series.​​​


Join us for the Just the Basics webinar on January 23rd at 2 PM Eastern.  It's free! Learn seed basics you to grow your business to the next level. 

  • Why seed selection is critical?

  • How to leverage seed to improve profitability.

  • Who is your ideal customer and what do they want from you? 

  • Thoroughly evaluate your farm based on Stratagerm's 7-category guide.  


Then on January 30th at 2 PM take your learning to the next level with the Ins & Outs of Seed session. Here  we will cover the following topics:

  • Inside the seed: understanding GMO, organic,  and conventional conventional 

  • On the side: seed treatments and coatings (pelleted/ not pelleted; biological & synthetic treatments)

  • Price: What are you paying for? 

    • Quality testing

    • Seed health testing

    • Customer service

"I loved what I heard. The presentation was well put together, it flowed, and Michelle really understands the subject!"

- Gina Messina

Understand what you're growing.

Purchase the right seeds for your system.

Yield a better output.

About the Instructor

Hi! I'm Michelle.


During my five years at the American Seed Trade Association, I worked with seed companies all over the world. Based on my knowledge, experience, and network, I've put together this training series for you to learn the fundamentals of seed to benefit your business!


I can't wait to bring that knowledge to you!

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