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Avoid seed shortages. Stratagerm offers personalized seed training courses for vertical and indoor farmers to help them communicate better with their seed suppliers and teach them about best seed purchasing practices. This information will strengthen their supply chains and reduce input costs.


1. Vegetable seed industry overview & jargon      

2. Understanding seed planting cycles

3. Seed health and quality testing                                        

4. Best practices for placing orders

360 Seed Report

This analysis has three components and provides the basis of recommendations that we customize in accordance with your needs.  

​The System Review focuses on the technical specifications of the operation. This includes the:

  • type of indoor operation

  • crops being grown,

  • lights used,

  • size of the operation,

  • automation used, and

  • specific 3rd party certifications applicable to the operation.


The Customer Preference Profile analyzes customer demographics as it pertains to buying produce from an indoor farm. Who are your main buyers and what do these buyers typically demand from their suppliers?

The last component is an Owner's Review. In many systems the owner has not clearly defined the goals of the system. Identifying these priorities is critical to selecting the best seed for a specific system. 

Managed Seed Systems

In addition to the strategic review of your system, Stratagerm will work with you to develop a purchasing plan, manage your seed inventory that maximizes seed quality, and provide advice on conducting seed trials. Stratagerm works with your seed vendors to get access to high performing varieties and avoid seed shortages.

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